Enjoy these positive affirmations as you listen to your meditation

The following affirmations are included subliminally in the meditation: I attract abundance with my mind. I feel abundant each and every day. Prosperity is within me and all around me. I live an abundant and prosperous life. Money is always available to me. I am loving and kind. I attract loving and positive people to my life. I am respected. I love myself unconditionally. I am loved and lovable. I am beautiful. I am blessed to be me. I appreciate all that I have. I appreciate all that I am. I see the good in others. People like me. I am thankful every day. Every day, In every way, I feel better and better. Every day, In every way, I look better and better. My body is beautiful. I appreciate my healthy and good-feeling body. I love my body. My body feels good. I am blessed with a super-fast metabolism. I love what I see when I look in the mirror. I am so satisfied with my life. I attract loving partners. The Universe has my back. Everything is always working out for me. I am creative. Ideas come to me all the time. I act on my brilliant ideas. I feel successful and at peace. I am happy, fun, excited, and free every day. I am free to be me. I love who I am. I am confident and at peace. I communicate with confidence and ease. My bank account is always growing. I feel financially free. I feel at ease when it comes to my finances. I always have more than enough. There is always more where that comes from. I am happy. I am happier each and every day. I feel happier every day. I love my life. I love my good feeling of life

I am guided and at one with the Universe.

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Use this meditation each morning to focus on feeling good. So often, we don't allow ourselves to have a good feeling response unless something happens to merit that feeling. That is backward. Life mirrors our inner state. Practice feeling good for no reason and watch how your life will shift before your eyes. Try this meditation every morning for 21-30 days and watch what will begin to unfold!