A journaling practice to create your own happiness.


Hi, I'm Alixia

I have been a personal trainer and in the fitness industry for close to 9 years. During this time, I have worked with tons of clients and have been able to observe and talk to many people about themselves. I noticed that it wasn't enough to just work on the body but that the mind played a tremendous factor in what was going on outside of us all.


I learned that it's what we believe about ourselves that is the most important. If we feel like we aren't good enough, have disempowering beliefs, and aren't kind to ourselves, there's no amount of exercise and progress on the outside that can change what is going on within us. This awareness has lead me to learn more about the mind and how it plays such a crucial role in our lives.

I can't express the importance of creating an internal shift to attract something new. 

I learned that my life was a total reflection of what I was thinking and feeling and I have come to understand that I am 100% free to choose how I want to think. I have chosen to take responsibility for my mind and what is being projected back to me. 

Using tools such as meditation, emotional freedom technique, and journaling, I have been able to shift my beliefs and my thoughts about myself and the world.

I can wake up and choose to feel thankful for no reason. What a revelation! I don't need something outside of me to feel excited. I can write whatever story I want for my life and feel good about that.

I can change how I feel about myself and literally watch my relationships reflect that change. It's powerful to see that you are in control of how people treat you.

You are good enough. I learned that I get to feel good enough because I can think that I am. Each day I choose to pay attention to my thoughts and my beliefs about myself and move them in the direction of my dreams. I hope the tools I share with you will give you the freedom that I have come to feel within me. Xxx


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